2018 - 2019
Since the Youngstown Ski Club is a not for profit organization, one of the ways we maintain business operations is through individual yearly memberships. Fees associated with these memberships are utilized to cover general costs to the club, such as advertising, insurances, and club mailings. We understand the Winter season is limited, so we often run several bus trips in warmer months as well, hence we also accept social members! Yes, this means that non-skiers and non-boarders are always welcomed as well. Total members vary each year depending on individual interest and the availability of our participants. Club Membership has maxed out at 300 members and has been as low as 55. Typically, we look forward to serving between 65-90 members each year. Several of our members are also members of other area ski clubs. 
New Member: $25.00
Renewal: $20.00
Joining our fun organization is really simple! Just fill out the application form, sign it, and send it in with your payment. Another recommendation is to obtain an application form by first joining us at events to get acquainted with current members, and then filling one out in person. Be sure to check the membership requirements below...
1.  Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Children 17 and under are accepted as junior members with paying adult(s).
2.  Applicants must understand memberships are effective one year from October 1st to September 30th. Member rates will not be considered to participants past the expiration date or with dues not made current. 
3.  Applications are accepted as early as August and through October each year.
4.  Any "Renewal" Application received AFTER November 17th will be assessed a $5.00 late fee. "New" or first time member applications are accepted anytime!
5.  Because the Youngstown Ski Club is acting gratuitously on the behalf of its members, applicants must agree to and sign a waiver relinquishing the Youngstown Ski Club of all liability.
6.  Members must conduct themselves in a manner which shows respect and courtesy. Misconduct will result in forfeiture of membership, status, and any dues/fees paid.
7.  Only those members age 21 and over can indulge in adult beverages, and have the capacity to vote and hold an office.
8.  Social applications are accepted as well. You do NOT have to ski or snowboard to be accepted into the Club!
1.  Take advantage of "group rates" on trips/events! Member rates are discounted versus general public. 
2.  Conveinient: pay, pack, and participate! Our experienced trip leaders do all the planning and lengthy arrangements.
3.  Email: Receive first notice of Club and Affiliate activities, including information about deadlines and cancelations!
4.  Monthly Newsletter keeping you updated on current events!
5.  Council memberships: Cleveland Metro Ski Council (CMSC) and Western Pennsylvania Ski Council (WPSC). Younsgtown is a member of both councils, and your membership makes you eligible to participate on a variety of Western and European Council trips and other discounted activities!
6.  Mail subscription to THE SITZMARK, a quarterly newspaper sponsored by CMSC, covering ski indusrty news and all events and activities of its member clubs.
7.  Meet people of similar interests and make new friends!
8.  Take advantage of travel, equipment, and service discounts through the National Ski Council Federation, not available to smaller goups.
9.  Take advantage of local ski retailer discounts only offered to area ski clubs, and often specific to the Club.
10. We are one of a few clubs that offer homemade food on nearly every trip!
You can either download the application or right click and "save" the image below. From there, Just print, fill out, sign, date, and send in the mail with payment.

NOTE: Memberships expire September 30th. "Renewals" are due in the month of October and the rate increases $5.00 AFTER November 17th. Last chance to save on renewal is at
the Annual Wine Taste and Dinner Dance!
Send yours in today...