About Us

The YOUNGSTOWN SKI CLUB, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, established in 1958. The purpose of the Club is to provide its members with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding as year-round sports, to promote interest in these sports, as well as all forms of physical and social activity, and to provide social entertainment and amusement for its members and friends. The Club operates on yearly membership dues and has a structure of leadership and bylaws in place to maintain it as a recreational business. 
Officers, Trustees, and Appointed positions continuously face the challenge of growing the membership, developing new leaders, and encouraging active participation. This Leadership structure is an all-volunteer group, but they are resolute and committed members, each applying their trade into fundraisers, events, and various trips. Meetings are held monthly to discuss upcoming events
and to bring potential ideas to fruition. Nothing is done as an individual. We work together as a collaborative.
  The Youngstown Ski Club is an all-season organization, and is open to everyone! You do not have to ski to be part of the adventurous spirit that exists among the membership. Some of the non-skiing things organized by the Club include, but not limited to, are Corn Roasts, Picnics, Cook-Outs, Pub Crawls, Movie Nights, Sporting Events, Winery Tours, Camping, Kayak Events, Group Bicycle Rides, Holiday Events,
and an Annual Wine Taste. Additionally, we often combine with other ski clubs and affiliate organizations for more options.
Whatever it is that you like to do, there is likely someone in the Club that shares your interest and passion. We only want to bring more of that same interest and energy together, here, withing this fun group. Most clubs have aging members, with few able to take over or adapt and change to modern influences. While we definitely aren't getting younger, we are of a diverse age group that strives to appeal to fresh ideas and new approaches. New members and potential members have the opportunity to take the guidance from the existing membership, organize new events, and carry us through into the upcoming years.  Join us, learn, and keep the Youngstown Ski Club active...   
  1. Brian Hinchcliffe
    Brian Hinchcliffe
    Club President
    Avid enthusiast of everything outdoors!
  2. Lynne Rosati
    Lynne Rosati
    Trip Manager
    Glade Bunny and organizer extraordinaire!
  3. Keith Brunner
    Keith Brunner
    Chairman of the Board
    Insightful ski enthusiast with a passion for travel!
  4. Mark Spencer
    Mark Spencer
    AKA "Moose" who has a knack for discovering trails off the beaten path...
  5. Joe Olguin
    Joe Olguin
    Always ready to infuse humor in every endeavor!